Humans / Persona Synthetics

The Brief

Create a believable brand and store front for a fictional 'synth' manufacturer.

In Collaboration with


As part of a wide ranging integrated campaign for the hit TV series Humans on Channel 4, we were approached by 4Creative to help bring the fictional brand 'Persona Synthetics' to life.

It's not every day that we're asked to step into an alternate reality where creepy humanoid robotic servants (or 'synths') are commonplace. Taking inspiration from everything from Minority Report and Gattaca to L'Oreal and Apple, we created a believable brand that mixes sci-fi technology and cosmetics.

Microsoft Kinect powered virtual synths took centre stage in a large store front display in Regent Street, and 4Creative's whole campaign went on to win prizes at Cannes and the Baftas.