"London's most instagrammable cocktail bar"

Secret London


Tonight Josephine

The brief

We’re opening a basement bar in Waterloo, how do we draw a crowd?

In collaboration with

Finch Interiors

When the owners of Adventure Bar came to us with their brand new site, it sounded like a dream job right from the start. A basement bar and rooftop bar in Waterloo. Although not connected, the bars could be related in concept so on the theme of Waterloo, we created one for Napoleon and the other for Josephine, his sassy ex-wife.  

To transform the basement, formerly the storeroom of a bike shop, into a killer cocktail bar, we had to come up with branding that cut through the noise. We built the concept for a feminist millennial crowd with Josephine as the squad leader for a wild night out. A rule breaker, a risk taker, an unapologetic hot mess. She’s the friend who buys the shots. 

We developed a detailed social media strategy then told her story, through instagram and developed the branding and interior graphics with social media in mind. We reached out to influencers who joined her girl gang and the bookings came flooding in. 

Tonight Josephine attracted 5000 instagram followers in the first three weeks, it has been described as “London’s most instagrammable cocktail bar” and has become an essential destination for every selfie loving millennial. 


"Night out or photoshoot? It's the dilemma of our modern times. Tonight Josephine wants your visit to be the latter. It's a bar, sure, but it's really one epic photo opp in a hundred shades of pink. It's like a Venus fly-trap for Insta-obsessed millennial femisists."

Time Out London