We are Junction Studio, a branding agency in Brighton, England. Consumer joy is our thing. We build brands that tell a story and raise a smile.

  • When we approached Junction Studio to help us design a new grain free dog food, we never dreamed that it would be such a massive global success! Junction created the name Canagan and developed the whole brand strategy – our beautiful packaging can now be seen on shelves from here to Tokyo.

    Eddie Milbourne, owner, Symply Pet Foods
  • Tom at Junction Studio has been a key part of Pets Corner’s success for the past fifteen years. He’s great at coming up with unexpectedly simple solutions to big problems, and has shaped and evolved our brand from a couple of shops in Sussex, to over 200 across the country.

    Dean Richmond, owner, Pets Corner
  • We love the first proposal document we've done in the new branding. I think it looks f***ing mint quite frankly, and they clearly did too as they chose us quite quickly. Thank you again!

    Matt Collins, owner, Platypus Digital
  • Emma from Junction Studio, captured the feel of Four Hundred Rabbits perfectly. Working with her is a pleasure, one of those rare people who just instantly gets what you are about and can translate it perfectly into a finished product.

    Daniel Edwards, owner, Four Hundred Rabbits
  • Junction Studio are just simply great graphic designers that can apply themselves to any client brief. We love working with them at Finch Interiors because they bring something different to every brief, a unique style that makes a project stand out from the crowd.

    Nick & Sophie Finch, co-owners, Finch Interiors
  • I am really impressed by the creativity, freshness of approach and attention to detail of Junction Studio. They are very talented designers but have a firm grip on the needs of the customer and the marketplace. It is a pleasure to do business with them and I highly recommend them!

    Yvonne Fuchs, Brand Strategist
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