The Brief

Create a food brand that will get small dog owners’ mouths watering.

The name Piccolo came from our first big brainstorming session and we all just knew it was the right one. With plans to launch this product globally, a globally recognisable name was necessary.

We worked closely with the structural design at Wrapology to develop a unique pack format that would instantly stand out from the crowd.  The image of the dogs peering up into the customers’ eyes allowed us to simultaneously give them a huge impact on pack, while emphasising their ‘smallness’.

The launch was a huge success, and a little under a year on, is selling in over 20 countries around the world.


"London's Coolest bars are usually found on a rooftop or underground. The Escapologist, a Covent Garden cocktail joint is one of the latter. But it's hardly a diminutive basement bar, with a 'grand hall' behind a secret door and a 'vault' even further underground."

Time Out London